Welcome to the STAR Workplace survey management website.

The STAR Workplace website enables members of the HR Coach Network and their clients to manage surveys and benchmark reports for the STAR Workplace Program.  This exclusive tool for the HR Coach Network is leading edge in the information provided to businesses on measuring and reporting on their workplace priorities for business improvement.

About the STAR Workplace Program
STAR Workplace is a business improvement program that helps you measure your employee and employer alignment and set priorities and action plans to unlock value for future growth. To learn more about STAR Workplace, speak directly with a member of the HR Coach Network.  Click here to find a Coach.

How does it work?
HRC STAR Report 2015Your STAR Workplace program is delivered by a member of the HR Coach Network in 3 easy to administer steps.

  1. We start with an employer interview to measure your satisfaction with the overall effectiveness of the business and strategy.
  2. We use online, confidential surveys to get feedback from your employees about the business.
  3. We analyse the data to provide a comprehensive report and STAR rating so you can see the impact alignment and engagement levels have on your business.  We work with you to develop a comprehensive 12 month action plan to address key priorities within the business.

To learn more about how the STAR Workplace Program can help your business to improve employee engagement and overall effectiveness, contact your local HR Coach Network Member or HR Coach Australasia on 1300 550 674.