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Start measuring strategic alignment. 

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Engagement and Alignment Software

Building a business that is strategically aligned is no easy task. Maintaining it can be even harder. STAR Workplace has helped Australasian businesses build and maintain strategically aligned workforces since 2008. 

For decades, large businesses have been focused on improving employee satisfaction and that has filtered down to businesses of all sizes. Stop wasting money on employee satisfaction and start realising real returns with a strategically aligned business - of any size. 


What is Strategic Alignment?

Strategic alignment is the correlation between your strategy as the business owner and the everyday activity of your employees. 

Strategically aligned businesses have a strategy that is linked to what their employees are doing every day.


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Why is Strategic Alignment important?

Your business currently generates its revenue from your employees, regardless of what industry you are in. How strategically aligned your employees are directly impact your top-line revenue numbers and your bottom-line growth. 

Creating a strategically aligned workforce ensures that your employees are working on the strategy that grows your business every day.

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The benefits of using strategic alignment software

Companies across Australasia are quickly seeing the advantages of using a performance culture platform to engage teams and boost performance. Investing in a performance management solution will give your organization the tools to effectively manage the performance of your teams, while keeping them engaged and focused.

One of the main features of the software is the ability to create engagement surveys. Using tailor-made questions your business can effectively measure how engaged individuals are, and how connected they feel with the business.


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