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01/ understand

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STAR Workplace is the only program on the market that examines the Employer's impact on strategic alignment, as they set the strategy. 


One of our certified Coaches sits down with the employer or business decision-makers to understand their satisfaction with company performance, strategy and systems. During this time we set up the survey parameters for the team, including department and location breakdown and the opportunity to ask up to 10 free text questions of the team. 

02/ Examine

Once the parameters of the team survey are set, we send out unique survey links to all team members to rate their engagement against:

1. Organisational Measurement and Planning;

2. HR Processes and Systems;

3. Governance and Compliance; 

4. Performance Management;

5. Workplace Improvement;

6. Team Culture; and

7. Management Culture. 

Participants can provide both a rating and constructive feedback, while also remaining 100% anonymous to improve the validity of the data. 

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03/ analyse

Your Result


Low Performing Organisations


Average Organisations


High Performing Organisations


At the completion of the team survey, the links are closed off and the STAR Workplace Program goes to work to analyse the data. A report is built, benchmarking all high-level data against over 900 Australasian businesses to help you focus on what is holding your business back.

All data is colour coded to make the pain points as visible as possible. Detailed data is also benchmarked against your specific industry to see how you perform against your competitors. 

04/ Review

Our Certified Coach presents the results back to you and your business, the good, the bad and everything in between. The process is tried and tested to ensure that your team understands your satisfaction with company performance and strategy - as this positions them for success. 

Employers and employees often leave the results presentations feeling relieved and more aware of the performance of the business and what needs to happen to execute the strategy of the business. 

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05/ take action

Using your results, our Certified Coach will work with you and the management team to address the anchor points that can be released to maximise your ROI. 

Businesses have the choice of how to address these, either individually or through collaboration with other providers. The action plan is provided in line with the demands of the business to ensure it is achievable, timely and effective. 

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