Terms & Conditions

Use of the STAR Workplace Program

Self Evaluation

The STAR Workplace Program is a self evaluation technique, interpretation and internet assessment system which has been copyrighted and is the property of HR Coach International Pty Ltd and used under license by HR Coach Australasia and Members of the HR Coach Network. See www.hrcoach.com.au for the underlying research and methodology of the STAR Workplace Program. The process includes a series of evaluations completed by individuals working within the business.

Use of Logo

The STAR Workplace Logo is a registered trademark and is protected by copyright and trademark law.  The Logo must never be redrawn or modified in any way. When reproducing the logo, always work with the master artwork supplied to you. To maintain the integrity of the STAR Workplace Logo, the configuration of the name and logo must not deviate from guidelines set out below.

  • The Logo should always have a minimum area of 1cm clear space surrounding the logo.
  • To maintain the quality of the Logo and for you to maximise the benefit to you the minimum recommended display size of the logo is 2cm x 4cm
  • Use of the STAR Workplace Logo on websites, emails or other electronic format must use a hyperlink to www.starworkplace.com.au
  • Your rights to use the Logo are limited by the Term. To continue to use the Logo, you must have your business reassessed or cease using or displaying the previous STAR Workplace Program signage, logos and certificates.
  • You agree that you will immediately cease to use the STAR Workplace Program collateral upon expiration or termination of the period of validation.

Relevant Organisation

The STAR Workplace Program applies to the Organisation described as the Business Name. Where parts of the Organisation are managed separately by different companies, the STAR Workplace Program only applies to such parts of the Organisation operated by you.

Intellectual Property

All intellectual property associated with the STAR Workplace process remains the property of HR Coach International Pty Ltd and its associates. Upon acceptance of this proposal – you will be granted a non transferable, non exclusive end use license to access the STAR Workplace Program. 

Diagnostic reports and documentation provided to you carrying the HR Coach copyright may be used in the management of your business only. It is not to be distributed, copied or reconstructed for any other purpose, associated companies or external parties. You should not use the reports or associated intellectual property in a way that it will be materially detrimental or inconsistent with the HR Coach methodology.


The term of the STAR Workplace Program is one calendar year from the date of rating. HR Coach Australasia hereby grants for the Term, a non exclusive, non transferable, revocable license to use the STAR Workplace Program materials in accordance with the HR Coach Classification Guidelines as amended from time to time available from HR Coach (star@hrcoach.com.au).

If you cease to be the operator of the Organisation, the continued use of the STAR Workplace Program by the new operator will be deemed acceptance of this agreement by such new operator.

Confidentiality and Privacy

Although the STAR Workplace report is generated by a secure site, reports are sent by emails which are not completely secure against interception. You agree that HR Coach International Pty Ltd, HR Coach Australasia and its employees, servants and agents shall not be held responsible for misdirected, intercepted or altered email communications.

We hereby confirm that we will protect all personal and business information stored on our section of the website.

Resulting information will be used as part of a national benchmarking research program. Indentifying business information will not be used or published without prior consent. HR Coach Australasia may publish from time to time, your Organisation/business name as a STAR Workplace and will seek prior permission if individual comments received are to be used in publications. HR Coach Australasia acts as a medium for publishing such comments and is not responsible to vet or edit such comments and is not responsible or liable for such comments or any loss or damage resulting from such comments.

We may use your information to update you on the benchmarking trends, reminders for critical dates and information that we think you may be interested in. If you do not wish to receive these offers, contact privacy@hrcoach.com.au  and unsubscribe.


By participating in the STAR Workplace Program, the Relevant Organisation, its employees, servant and agents release and indemnify HR Coach International Pty Ltd, HR Coach Australasia, its employees, servants, agents and authorised distributors against all loss, cost (including the cost of defending or settling any actions), expenses, demands or liability whether direct or indirect arising out of:

a)a breach of this Agreement by you;

b)any unlawful or negligent act or omission by you;

c)the publication by HR Coach International Pty Ltd or any other person of the information concerning your organisation; and

d)the operation of the organisation including any complaint in relation to the organisation.

To the extent that any warranties implied by law are not capable of being excluded or modified, the total liability of HR Coach International Pty Ltd, HR Coach Australasia, its employees, servants and agents for breach of such warranties is limited to the rate of supplying the services again.

This Agreement is to be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Queensland, Australia and the parties irrevocably submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in that State.

Order Processing

All purchases must be paid for in full at the time of ordering.  The ordering process consists of us obtaining your contact information including name and address, financial information such as payment method so that we can provide registration details and invoice procedures. As part of this process and ongoing support, we may contact you using your details so we can resolve issues and provide service in a proactive manner.  We cannot provide refunds for survey products purchased via the web.  In the event that you have any queries regarding your purchase we will work with you to resolve any issues and is fully compliant with your legals rights.  All prices are in Australian Dollars.

Shipping terms:  Products purchased will be despatched by Australia Post on completion of the STAR Workplace survey, within 5 days.


As we develop new and improved business solutions, we will notify you of these services and any offer. You can contact us if you do not wish to receive this information.

Dated 1 December 2016