Engagement and Alignment Is Core to Business Performance.

The STAR Workplace Program understands that measuring satisfaction of employees is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to people performance; in fact, research from MITsloan Business School indicates that its only 25% of what really counts.

The STAR Workplace Program measures employee satisfaction.  It also measures the following key drivers:

  • Employee Alignment
  • Employee Commitment
  • Employee Loyalty
  • Employee Performance

Benchmarking these key drivers against the Strategic Action Model™ and industry standards allows businesses to see the full picture of people performance and alignment within their business, and not just the tip of the iceberg!


Engagement Model


Strategic Action Model™

Based on research conducted with over 5000 Australasian businesses, the Strategic Action Model identified that the correlation between the strategy of the business and the activity of the employees was core to business growth or sustainability.  Using the research model, the STAR Workplace Program identifies the level of alignment between business activity and strategy and highlights areas where improvements can be made which will directly impact business profitability and/or sustainability.


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National Human Resource Framework™

Businesses have financial plans, sales and marketing plans, governance plans and environmental plans, yet the greatest controllable expense a business has on their profit and loss statement is their wages bill.  Why don't they have a HR Plan to maximise the outcomes and performance of this expense?

The National Standard HRF 101:2010 Human Resource Framework provides a simple and flexible HR Framework which is easily adopted or implemented.  Every business needs to ensure that their HR systems,  processes and methods are aligned and appropriate to the needs of their specific business (because you don't need a sledgehammer to break a peanut).

The stronger the alignment between the human resource framework and the business strategy, the greater the likelihood that businesses will see improvements in productivity, performance and profit.

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Human Resources and business practice constantly evolve to keep pace with emerging issues and trends. Through the HR Coach Research Institute, we understand that it is important to identify these changes as they happen, and to identify trends before they take effect in order to best deal with and benefit from them.

Our collaborative approach to research brings together senior executives, advisors, human resource professionals, special interest groups and expert matter specialists to make a difference to our understanding and application of knowledge for organisations now and in the future. 

If you would like to know more, take a look at our large selection of research-backed white papers highlighting and diving deeper into research with emerging issues, trends and solutions including;          

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