Frequently Asked Questions


The Process

How does the process work?

For every STAR Workplace Program undertaken, a certified STAR practitioner will undertake a 2 hour, face to face review to understand and assess what drives the business and measure satisfaction of the key decision maker.  Once this is completed, team members are then asked to complete the Team Survey, either electronically through email or by manually filling out the answers on paper.  After all answers have been completed, data is inputted and compiled.  A report is produced based on the responses.  Your STAR practitioner will then debrief you and your key team members on the results.

What makes STAR Workplace Assessment different to some of the other engagement or satisfaction surveys I have used before?

STAR Workplace Programs don't just focus on employee satisfaction.  Based on our research, and research validated by other well regarded institutes around the world, employee satisfaction is only a small portion of the value that can be added to your business through your people.  The STAR Workplace Program not only measures employee satisfaction, but also measures; your satisfaction as an employer; the alignment of the activity of your workforce with your strategy; the culture of your business and alignment with the National Standard: HR Framework.  The aggregated responses are then benchmarked against over 600 Australasian businesses so that you can understand how your business is tracking, and highlight where you need to focus to get the most growth!

I like that your Team Survey questions are statistically validated, but can I as the decision maker, ask some of my own questions specific to my business?

Yes, up to ten client-specific, customisable questions are able to be included in the survey, with responses on a 1 - 4 grading scale.

I only have 5 employees, is it worth doing a survey?

As we place a high reliance on anonymity of participants, unfortunately with less than 6 employees, we can only report your responses at the highest level of data aggregation.  This will provide great benchmarking data for you, but it may not provide the detailed data that you are looking for.  In those situations we do have other options available that are more employee specific so please get in touch with us or your nearest STAR practitioner.

The STAR Workplace Program gives a snapshot of my business at a particular point, can this then be reviewed over a period of time?

Of course!  The STAR Workplace Trend Report was specifically designed to provide trend analysis over different reporting periods, so you can see how your business is performing now, not just against 600 other businesses, but also against your business assessment results over previous years.  We know that businesses like to see that improvement strategies are actually making a positive difference in the business.

Team Survey

How long does it take?

Employees asked to complete the Team Survey are required to answer between 25 and 35 questions.  This process should take no longer than 20 to 30 minutes in total, and most employees complete their assessment within 10 minutes of commencement.

Do I have to complete it all at once?

No, at the end of each page (10 questions) you have the option to 'Save and Return Later' where you will be asked to input a unique PIN of your choosing to protect the anonymity of your completed answers.  Be sure to keep a record of this PIN as it isn't saved anywhere in the system.

I keep timing out, what's happening?

Each page on the team survey is protected by a time limit to ensure that if you leave your computer unattended, your answers aren't visible to people walking past.  To ensure your answers aren't lost, make sure your computer maintains access to the internet and you remain active on the survey - just like you would when performing online banking.

Will everyone know my answers?

We know that anonymity is the key to getting honest results which add value so we have implemented plenty of steps to ensure the anonymity of the participant.  These steps include:

  1. Answers are only saved against an individual's name when they choose the 'Save and Return Later' option, as which time the individual will need to input a unique PIN of their choosing to ensure that only they can access these saved answers.
  2. Once a survey is complete, the data is pooled with other completed surveys and personal identifying information such as names and email addresses are no longer linked to the data.
  3. The data is then analysed and any demographic, department or location with less than 6 completed surveys is not included in the detailed results breakdown - just in the overall results.
  4. Comments are listed based on the question they relate, so as long as you don't put your name or personal information in the comments, it can't be linked back to you.

The survey asks for identifying information such as gender and generation, won't this be used to identify me?

No, only demographics where there are 6 or more completed responses are separated in more detail.  This ensures the anonymity of those groups, while also providing your business with the opportunity to address different needs for different groups of participants, e.g; males v females; managers v employees etc