About Us

About Us

The STAR Workplace Program is a proprietary tool of HR Coach Australasia and is licensed to accredited members of the HR Coach Network.

Closing the gap between strategy and action is no longer a management ideal in today’s marketplace - it is a business imperative.  In 2001, the HR Coach Network in Australasia was established to bridge this gap.

The HR Coach Network

HR Coach Australasia is a national professional services group of over 130 Network Members committed to improving the alignment of people with the strategies of the businesses they work in. The group has a strong and established reputation that is built on a history of researching and implementing solutions that work. Our clients are organisations of all sizes, operating in most geographic locations in Australasia from all industries.

HR Coach Network Members are driven by a number of purposes:
  • To add value to their clients by assessing and linking activity with strategy for every client;
  • Staying up to date with evolving market trends, so that their clients stay ahead of the business curve; and
  • Developing and implementing pragmatic and effective client solutions that work to improve business profitability.

Professionals are drawn to the HR Coach Network to gain access to tools, methods and intellectual property as well as market leading research.   Coaching is particularly effective in Small to Medium Enterprise (SMEs) and is becoming a more accepted and valued service.

Visit our HR Coach website or contact the HR Coach team on 1300 550 674 if you are ready to look at the HR Coach solution for you or your business.

What some of our coaches say


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